Vocal Integration™ Concepts
  • Transform your life by improving your voice.
  • Increase the size and power of your voice.
  • Learn about projection, resonance, and control.
  • Integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and creative aspects of communication.
  • Learn healthy vocal technique for both speaking and singing.
  • Understand the psychology of communication.
  • Create more effective listening environments.
  • Create a compelling presence with your voice.
  • Correct stutters, lisps, vocal damage, and speech problems.
  • Change the quality and tone of your voice.
  • Learn to sing.
  • Discover powerful breathing techniques.
  • Training for professional singers and actors.
  • Coaching for presentation skills and public speaking

    Available for:

  • Private consultation
  • Voice training for public speakers
  • Presentation skills training
  • Custom designed corporate training
  • Master classes for performers
  • Listening skills training
  • Executive development programs
  • Guest lectures     

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    The Tranquil Harp The Ladder of the Soul Voice Power



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