Voice Power CD Cover


Performance Tools for Singers, Public Speakers, and Communicators

Album Description Voice Power™ consists of:

1) instructions for Structural Breathing™, a foundational breathing technique for any vocal development;
2) a progressive relaxation exercise to inform and re-educate the conscious and subconscious minds, eliminating limiting beliefs that sabotage peak performance and creating new possibilities for performance excellence, and;
3) a guided visualization for practicing Structural Breathing™, enhancing creativity and the ability to focus, and creating a safe space from which to express ourselves.

About the Artist:
William Hanrahan is on the voice faculty of the University of California, Riverside, and Mt. St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles. A keynote speaker for the International Governors Conference of Toastmasters and a guest presenter at the First International Conference on Music in Human Adaptation, he maintains a private voice studio in Los Angeles. In addition to his professional performances, his work includes corrective vocal training, techniques for refining public speaking and presentation skills,...

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