The Ladder of the Soul
Improvisations for Relaxation, Meditation & Integration

Peaceful relaxation and meditation music performed on the Celtic harp by master harpist Paul Baker. Following in the tradition of "The Tranquil Harp", "The Ladder of the Soul" presents eight improvisations in keys corresponding to the energy centers of the body. The improvisations are designed to ground your body, open and tune your mind, balance your emotions and soothe your spirit. The pure and ancient sound of the harp, sometimes called "the ladder between earth and heaven", is ideal for relaxation, meditation and integration. Each track is provided with a suggested meditation.

How to use "The Ladder of the Soul"

"The Ladder of the Soul" is designed to work with the emotional body. Each improvisation is tuned to a different chakra, and is played at a slow rhythmic tempo that helps the body relax and let go, and moves the brain into alpha state. The rich tapestry of melodic elements engage mind, body and spirit in a process of integration that allows emotions to surface, move, flow, and resolve into new patterns of clarity. Each track offers you the opportunity to meditate on a specific quality and affirmation. Find a comfortable body position, and close your eyelids. Become aware of your breathing, and begin to match its rhythm with the music. Using your breath, bring the music into the area of the body associated with the chakra, allowing the music to fill that area. Visualize the corresponding color as well. Set an intention of coming to a new understanding of the quality or affirmation upon which you are focusing.

Meditate on the qualities and their meanings for you:

I am filled with acceptance. Acceptance and I are one.
I am filled with forgiveness. Forgiveness and I are one.
I am filled with . . .

Use the any of the following affirmations:

Choose the affirmations that resonate best for you for each track. Find a comfortable body position, close your eyelids, become aware of your breathing, and, as you play the track, repeat the affirmation silently in your mind.

Quality Chakra Color Key
I awaken to all that I am.
I am open to all the best in me.
The wholeness of who I am unfolds within me.
Body, mind and spirit awaken and join in harmony.
Base Chakra (Base of Spine) Red C
Acceptance flows freely within me and from me.
I embrace my life and all that I am.
The calmness and clarity of acceptance are mine.
Acceptance empowers every aspect of my life
Sacral Chakra (reproductive organs) Orange D
I embrace the perfection of my life.
The clarity of understanding resonates throughout me.
I clearly understand my direction and destiny.
I know what I need to know when I need to know it. Understanding is mine when I need it.
Solar Plexus Chakra (navel) Yellow E
The sweet song of compassion fills my heart and life.
I see my life and the world around me through the eyes of compassion.
My heart (compassion) connects my body and spirit.
Heart Chakra Green F
Forgiveness flows throughout my life and extends to all around me.
I know myself and forgive myself.
As I forgive myself, new blessings are revealed.
The peace of self-forgiveness allows me to forgive others.
Throat Chakra Blue G
Loving renews me from within.
My loving transforms the world around me.
The spirit within me burns brightly with loving.
I see myself and others through the eyes of loving.
Brow Chakra ("third eye") Violet A
Each moment of my life is filled with grace.
My divine destiny gracefully unfolds.
Godís gift of grace moves me easily through every moment of my life.
Crown Chakra (top of head) White B
I am at one with God.
I embrace my eternal being.
I dance with God.
My soul soars with the song of Spirit.
Above crown Chakra Clear C

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