Voice Power
Performance Tools

for Singers, Public Speakers and Communicators

Track 1: Structural Breathing™ Overview 13’11
Track 2: Progressive Relaxation Exercise 36’01
Track 3: Guided Visualization Exercise 21’16
Total Length: 70’30

Voice Power™ consists of:

  1. instructions for Structural Breathing™, a foundational breathing technique for any vocal development;
  2. a progressive relaxation exercise to inform and re-educate the conscious and subconscious minds, eliminating limiting beliefs that sabotage peak performance and creating new possibilities for performance excellence, and;
  3. a guided visualization for practicing Structural Breathing™, enhancing creativity and the ability to focus, and creating a safe space from which to express ourselves.

This extraordinary compilation of performance tools is drawn from rich and diverse disciplines of research - the Institute of Relaxation, the powerful scripting process developed and used by the "Change Your Mind/Life" program, psychosynthesis, brain integration, accelerated learning and the voice development programs of Vocal Integration™ Concepts. These exercises can by used by anyone who uses their voice in any capacity. They are set to the beautiful soothing Celtic harp improvisations from the album, "The Tranquil Harp". The pure harmonically rich harp sounds played at a slow regular pulse encourage alpha wave activity in the brain, resulting in greater relaxation, clarity, focus and concentration. Existing skills will be enhanced and exciting new possibilities will be created for singers, public speakers, and communicators alike.

Suggestions for optimal use:

  • Structural Breathing™ Overview (track 1)
  • Listen to the Structural Breathing™ Overview (track 1)first, and repeat as many times as necessary to understand and practice the material.
  • Find a comfortable body position, either sitting or standing. Do not recline.
  • Inhale through the mouth and nose together, drawing the breath across the back of the tongue, relaxing your jaw, and feeling your back expand with the inhalation.
  • Exhale purposefully and forcefully, pushing outward or downward on the abdominal muscles for the duration of the breath.
  • Listen and participate as instructed.

Progressive Relaxation (track 2) and Guided Visualization (track 3)

Once you are familiar with the information on Structural Breathing™, proceed to the exercises on the next two tracks. Listen to both tracks one time to familiarize yourself with their content. The exercises can be done together or practiced separately. For best results, practice daily for at least 32 consecutive days and periodically thereafter for "maintenance". It is best to sit comfortably erect while doing these exercises. Do not recline. Choose a time and space where you will not be interrupted.

William Hanrahan is on the voice faculty of the University of California, Riverside, and Mt. St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles. A keynote speaker for the International Governors Conference of Toastmasters and a guest presenter at the First International Conference on Music in Human Adaptation, he maintains a private voice studio in Los Angeles. In addition to his professional performances, his work includes corrective vocal training, techniques for refining public speaking and presentation skills, communication skills training, and the private voice instruction of professional singers and actors. Vocal Integration™ provides a unique exploration of the psychology of communication, sound and language.

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Relaxation script consultation: Kim Miles Institute of Relaxation, Email:mileskimk@aol.com

Script format developed by: Dr. Teri D. Mahaney, Ph.D., author of "Change Your Mind/Life"

Recorded & mixed by: David Snyder at Sonic Landscapes, North Hollywood, CA.

Music: "The Tranquil Harp" by Paul Baker, Celtic harp
Available through: Vocal Integration™ Concepts 310-281-1845

The Sylvia Woods Harp Center 800-272-4277


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