The Tranquil Harp consists of eight harp improvisations for relaxation, meditation and integration. Each track is in different key, correlating with the frequencies of color and the energetic centers of the body. The pure harmonically rich harp sounds played at a slow regular pulse encourages alpha wave activity in the brain, resulting in greater relaxation, clarity, focus and concentration. Practical exercises are suggested for each improvisation to assist in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual integration.

Paul Baker 's music on Celtic harp, concert harp, piano, organ and harpsichord can be heard in concert and on recordings and movie soundtracks. Twice a prizewinner in the International Pop and Jazz Harp Competition, he has published 20 arrangements of American standard songs arranged for solo harp. The group Pastiche premiered his arrangements for flute, harp and voice, "A Gershwin Sampler" and "Seven Popular Spanish Songs" at Carnegie Hall. Voted "Best Musical Director of the Year" for his work with Stephen Sondheim's musical "Assassins". Mr. Baker performs, teaches and presents workshops throughout the United States.

These improvisations were created on a Dusty Strings FH-36B Celtic harp made in Seattle, Washington.

Stones and crystals have electrical properties that can interact with the energy of the body. This interaction combined with a focused intention can be used to facilitate growth, healing, and deepened states of awareness. The tonal centers of the C major scale correlate with the colors of the spectrum. Stones of each color have been suggested for use in the meditative balancing process.

* "Love Is In The Earth" by Melody; Eternal Ice Enterprises, Linda Thomas 894 Lane 11 , Powell, WY 82435
Chakras are considered by Eastern philosophy to be the centers of the flow of vital energy in the ethereal body. They correlate with locations of the physical body and with the colors of the spectrum.




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Suggested uses:
Strengthen your ability to focus.
Stimulate your creative abilities and increase your ability to focus by holding in your imagination a geometric shape (triangle, square, circle, etc.) corresponding to the color of the Stone/Track. Focus on the shape in your mind for the entire duration of the track.
Reduce stress.
Slow your breathing to a comfortable regular rate, in time with the music. Clear your mind. Imagine your breath connecting your heart and your solar plexus, flowing in and out of your body through these areas.
Increase or improve your health.
Choose an area of the body and its corresponding color from the chart above. As you meditate, imagine the colored light surrounding this part of your body. Hold an intention of health, healing and balance.
Discover intuitive answers and solutions to problems.
Set an intention of reaching greater clarity about a specific issue. Relax, focus on your breathing, clear your mind, and imagine the breath moving in and out of your body through your heart area. Ask your heart for its wisdom. Remain quiet and listen to or feel what your heart tells you.
Integrate your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Listen to the entire CD. Focus on the colors and chakras, or simply let the music serve to create a prayerful, meditative environment.
Vocal Integration™
Hum or use vowel sounds to maintain the pitch of each improvisation for its duration. Let the sound of your own voice massage you from the inside out. Use this process as a method for directing a healing focus to specific body areas, for just to tone and strengthen your energy.
Elemental Balancing.
Choose the area of your body and the suggested stone. Place the stone on the body area. Focus on your breathing and hold an intention of balancing and healing. For a full body meditation, place the appropriate stone on each location of the body and imagine being bathed in the stone's color for the duration of the CD track.
Improve your work or study environment.
Play the CD in the background while you read, study or work. The calm environment it creates will help you work more efficiently and stay relaxed. This should also assist you with clarity of focus and recall of the material you are learning or reading.

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Technical Information:
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Cables: Mit & Monster Cable
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Mic pres: Millenia Media, Jensen/May 990
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The Tranquil Harp

Improvisations for Relaxation

Paul Baker
Celtic Harp

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